Cat Care Tutorials

Cat Care Tutorials
October 5, 2020

How to Have a Happy Vet Visit with Your Cat

Cats need routine care and screening for infectious diseases. Ongoing preventive care is necessary for their best overall health.

The Importance of a Yearly Physical Exam for Your Cat

An annual physical exam is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, happy, and long life for your cat. Since cats age faster than people and can't communicate when they are not feeling well, your veterinarian will gain valuable insights into the health of your cat during this routine procedure.

The Importance of Blood Work for Your Cat

Routine blood work helps uncover underlying medical problems that you and your veterinarian may not be aware of, giving valuable insights into the health of your cat and the opportunity to catch illnesses early.

Caring for Senior Cats (Age 7 and Older)

For cats ages seven and older, routine blood work and a thorough physical exam will help your veterinarian detect health issues in their early stages. Dental disease, kidney problems, and thyroid problems are just a few of the health issues your veterinarian will be screening for.

How to Give Your Cat a Pill

Giving your cat a pill does not have to be difficult. Watch this video for helpful tips that make "pilling" a cat easy, including buttering the pill to make it slide down the throat and then blowing gently into your cat's nose to stimulate the swallowing reflex.

How to Trim Your Cat's Nails

It's important to keep your cat's nails trimmed. This video illustrates how, with a relatively cooperative cat, it can be easier than you think.